Think Solar. Install hybrid solar inverters

Solar energy has the potential to generate virtually unlimited, essentially clean, carbon-free electricity. Given that it holds great promise, with most parts of the country receiving plenty of sunshine – four to six hours a day for over 300 days a year – India should look to the sun to reap the benefits of its energy.

Hybrid Solar Inverters is a stand-alone system, suitable for residential and institutional  lighting applications. For medium size residential applications Solar Inverters can be expanded in order to the other home appliances, such as  lighting, electronic appliances, computer and water pump. The hybrid inverters can not only be directly connected all  electrical appliances where electricity is not present but also to solar charge controller, inverter and battery. The excess generated DC power is stored into battery and converted to electric power when sun is not present.The Hybrid system is suitable for the remote areas where the cost of expansion utility grid is high.

Further ideal applications of Hybrid Solar inverters:

Ideal for Villas

Educational institutions that operates during day.

Ideal for Showrooms, Wear Houses,Resorts andEco friendly projects.